The Gifted: got your siX Review

Sorry for posting late but the last few days have been busy. So here we go, spoilers for this episode below.

Let’s start with Johnny and Dreamer. I just don’t like them making out when Clarice is out there by herself. The whole situation is really messed up. Yeah sure Dreamer used her powers to save her friends but she couldn’t ask Clarice first? Or tell Clarice right after, what happened to her memories? I just feel they are giving a lame excuse for what they did to Clarice.

Loved the X-men mention and maybe we can get a crossover in the future. I doubt it but hey Legion and The Runaways are other X-men shows. It would interesting to see David and Polaris on screen together. Imagine Professor X and Magneto kids together in the same room. Mind blown.

Polaris is just like her dad Magneto. I know a war is coming but she is really on the us vs them train just like her father. Does that make Kate Strucker, Professor X? See what I did there. Once again more mentions of the baby and I cringe because we know the baby won’t make it. But I love how the writers are doing this story line because when Polaris loses the baby we will feel for her and Marcos. See this is how you do a baby story line Rizzoli and Isles.

Oh Marcos I told ya about Carmen. That deal you made will bite you in the butt. Your girlfriend Polaris will not like this at all. And Jace please don’t work with the creepy doctor. First it is weird seeing Garret Dillahunt playing the villain doctor. I’m always thinking what is Burt Chance doing? Virginia would not be happy or maybe Hope ended up like a serial killer like her mom and now Burt is working with the agency because of Hope. Makes sense.

Lauren and Wes are cute together and remind me of Iceman and Rogue in the X-men movies. I like it but I am keeping my eyes on Wes. I want to trust him but I can’t right now and I don’t know why. My gut is telling Lauren to be careful girl.

Rating B+

Photos Courtesy Superhero Hype and X-men Films


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